Vehicles need regular maintenance and an easy one to take care of is to change to winter wiper blades. Wiper blades made for the snow and ice season are specifically designed to handle heavier snow and ice loads on the windshield and tough cold freezing conditions.

Some winter blades are coated with a covering that helps keep ice from clogging the blades. Clogged blades drag across the windshield leaving streaks and cause poor snow clearance.

To find out what size of wiper blade fits the car refer to the owner's manual or check with the dealer. It’s important to change all the wiper blades at the same time: driver side, passenger side, rear window. This helps to ensure equal visibility.

There are many styles and manufactures to chooses from, and this can be confusing. Priority Nissan Williamsburg can help match the perfect blade to the vehicle and driving conditions.
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