Kitty Litter vs. Rock Salt For Getting Your Vehicle Unstuck In The Snow

When preparing your car for the winter season here in Williamsburg one item on your checklist should be to have something in your vehicle’s trunk that will help you get your vehicle unstuck in case you come across too deep of snow.

Two common and popular items for this are rock salt and kitty litter. Now as effective as rock salt is for melting ice and snow, it is also a bit expensive of a product for the job and can also refreeze the water left behind rather quickly on a really cold day or night.

Kitty litter is much less expensive and creates a dry surface for your tires to gain traction on, it is very safe on your tires as well. If you find that the melting of the snow begins to muddy up the kitty litter as you’re attempting to get unstuck, simply add more kitty litter to absorb the moisture and create friction for your tires to enable them to grab hold and move your vehicle out.

On behalf of the entire team here at Priority Nissan Williamsburg, we wish you happy and safe travels this winter season.
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