The Time for Seasonal Maintenance is Upon Us

If you are not sure why you have your vehicle into the service center for seasonal maintenance, these reasons should help you to see what you can expect while your car is on the life.
  • The oil filter will be changed with the right OEM replacement and then the oil grade right for this time of year will be added.
  • The front end alignment will be checked and adjusted if needed.
  • The tires will be removed an checked for wear and then rotated so they wear in an even pattern and better grip the road.
  • The fluids will all be flushed and replaced so all the moving parts can perform optimally.
  • The car battery will be carefully inspected and then tested to make sure it can handle the excessive load this season.
The team at Priority Nissan Williamsburg can help get your car on to the lift and back on the road quickly.
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