If you do a lot of driving, you probably feel like you're always in for an oil change. Priority Nissan Williamsburg has great news for you. If your vehicle was manufactured within the last 20 years, you probably don't need and oil change until 5,000 or more miles. Technology has significantly improved the efficiency of both oil and engines.

Surprisingly enough, even the oil companies are agreeing with fewer oil changes. The use of synthetics in oil makes it last much longer than in the past. While this may mean fewer service appointments, it also means that you must be certain to keep on schedule. While 3,000-mile intervals may no longer be necessary, maintaining your car to make it run at its best is still a good practice. If you're uncertain as to when you should schedule an appointment, you can always contact Priority Nissan Williamsburg and we'll be happy to help with any needs you may have today.

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