The Importance of Quality Brake Pads

When you're driving your vehicle on the crowded streets of Williamsburg, it's important that you are able to stop your vehicle safely. Good brake pads are one of the important components in bringing your vehicle to a safe stop.

Brake pads on your vehicle press against the brake rotors when put your foot down on the brake pedal. If the pads or worn down, you won't be able to stop as well. One sign of poor brake pads is a squealing noise in the wheels when you put on the brakes. If you hear a grinding noise in the wheels when you put on the brakes, you need to have the brake pads changed right away.

If it's been some time since your brake pads have been changed, come into Priority Nissan Williamsburg for a brake inspection. The service department can change the brake pads and perform other brake repairs and maintenance as needed.

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